Friday, October 2, 2015


Hi friends! I finally made it to my new home and I already have lots of adventures to share. Since I am coming back to America right before Christmas I decided that if I wanted to do any major traveling I should do it before school started. 

Preface: A few months ago I was talking to my amazing boyfriend Josh about my upcoming travel plans and worries he asked me "How crazy would it be if I came with you to get you settled in?". Pretty crazy! But by God's grace he was able to get tickets on the same plane as me, tickets on the same train as me, and rooms in the same hostels as me. What kind of boyfriend would fly halfway around the world with you to help you get settled into your new home? The awesome kind. I am so thankful to have been able to share some of my adventures with him. 

We landed in Paris and after dropping off our luggage at the hostel we started sightseeing. Since we only had one day we didn't go into any museums or monuments, but we got to see a lot still.

Paris was awesome. Everything was beautiful and there was so much history.

The metro was pretty overwhelming and kind of confusing, but I was glad I got to figure it out with Josh. 

There are parts of France that remind me of Senegal. Its nice and weird to have that familiarity. 

This English bookstore was really cool.

The next morning we went to Sacre Coeur and then we hopped on a train to Italy! 


  1. What great pictures! I'm glad Joshua was able to keep you company - I'm sure he's glad too! I look forward to hearing and seeing more about your adventure. :-)

  2. Wow, these are awesome! We're really glad he got to go with you also! You are close in our thoughts and prayers, sweet girl! We can't wait to see all the cool things God has planned for this time unfold!

  3. I got to see most of that (not the bookstore) 35 years ago, when I was in Paris. Eat some strawberry or chocolate crepes for me.