Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Yesterday my team made an impromptu trip to the capital to work on getting our visa's extended. We left before the sun was up. 
 We drove through large and small villages.

 And a few Mango groves. 
Then we were in the city.

After only a few hours we had our visa's and we celebrated with some non-Senegalese food.

Friday, November 1, 2013


A few weeks ago Senegal had a national holiday. It was my first time celebrating this particular holiday. People get dresses up and sacrifice a sheep. Five different friends invited us to celebrate with them. So, being the ambitious people that we are, we accepted all five invitations.

We arrived at the first house just after the sheep was killed. I will spare you pictures of that. The meat was then prepared for cooking. It was grilled with a sauce. Kind of like a Senegalese Bar-b-Que. 

We ate this for "breakfast" along with onion sauce and french fries. 

The next house we went to we ate Toufey, a dish with green peas and chicken. 

The next house we went to had more Toufey. We decided that this holiday was the food equivalent of Thanksgiving. We ate so much!

It was such a great experience to get to celebrate a new holiday in a different country. It interesting also, to celebrate Halloween in a country that doesn't celebrate Halloween. We had a party with our supervisor's family. 

It was so fun carve pumpkins and have a little taste of home.